The rewards of researching theatre

I’ve written another blog post for the splendid folk at Jane Nightwork Productions called The Golden Age of Theatre? If you’re interested in Twentieth Century theatre (when did we stop capitalising centuries, or was it only me who ever did that?) then you might well find it interesting.

I recently delved into the archives at the V&A to uncover their folders on the Old Vic Theatre Company productions of the mid-1950s, when the leading players were Richard Burton and Claire Bloom, to help the writing of another actor who was in the company at the time. I also found a load of material on Joan Littlewood’s legendary Theatre Workshop productions from the same era. It’s all in aid of a rather special book that may well be on the horizon. Watch this space…

Guest blogging on Jane Nightwork

I’ll be guest-blogging for the Jane Nightwork gang ( for the foreseeable future. This opportunity has come about via my colleague, Robert Gillespie, who heads Jane Nightwork Productions. You can see various interviews I’ve conducted with Robert about his extraordinary career under the Entertainment Focus section.

My first blog piece is about The Stage’s Critic Search 2015. As a theatre critic myself, I’ve distilled my thoughts about the most egregious errors in criticism.

The golden rule is: keep your ego out of it….