Roger Moore

I was delighted to meet Roger Moore last night at Network’s event to mark the 40th anniversary of The Persuaders! and its release on DVD and Blu-ray.

For such a huge star, Roger Moore is a wonderfully warm, charming and self-deprecating man. He asked everybody their name, shook hands and posed for photographs. Interviewed by Barry Norman, he claimed the secret of his success is that he’s been very lucky.

He’s an inspirational figure, and a valid lesson to the prima donnas in the entertainment industry who refuse to talk about their early successes. He’s also impeccably well-mannered and charming. It was a real honour to meet him.

Lazy Afternoon Doze – Saffy On My Bed

Lazy Afternoon Doze - Saffy On My Bed

Lazy Afternoon Doze - Saffy On My Bed

Oil on canvas, painted summer 2010. The fastest I have ever produced a painting, completing it within 24 hours over two sittings. I’ve gone for light effect rather than reality. It was an attempt to capture Saffy having a mid-afternoon doze on my bed, warming herself to the sunshine coming through the window. It is on the wall of my parents’ house in my old bedroom.

My Dissertation

Anyone interested in Roman History may like this. It’s a rough draft of my final dissertation.

How successful was the governor Agricola in securing Northern Britain as a Roman province?


The most important and detailed source we have on Agricola’s career is the biography of him, The Agricola, written by his son-in-law, Tacitus, several years after Agricola’s death. It is therefore problematic to use written sources alone to ascertain how successful or otherwise Agricola had been in his post as governor of Britain; since any account written by a close relative is bound to be biased in his favour. Especially if, like Tactitus in this case, the historian follows the standard pattern of latin biographies and praises his subject arguably beyond his worth.