Whats On Stage Buerk! Preview

Another preview of the show on Whats On Stage.

Full text here:

Comedy musical Buerk! The Newsical, a fictional look back to the 80s reimagining Michael Buerk’s career at the BBC, is coming to London’s Network Theatre from 2-4 May 2013.

Here the company give us five reasons to go…

1. Overdue concept
Astonishingly, Buerk! The Newsical is the first musical to be produced about TV news legend Michael Buerk. Kenny Rogers had the idea in 1993 but his unreleased magnum opus “Mikey B & His Moral Flippin’ Maze” ultimately came to naught. Buerk! The Newsical takes us back to the 1980s when he first met the beautiful Moira Stuart and befriended feckless weatherman Ian McCaskill. We’ve even thrown in Bob Geldof for good measure.

2. Original songs
Despite their poor diets, top Yorkshire musicians Allan “Long Fingers” Stelmach and Mark “Bum Note” Kingston have worked tirelessly with us to craft no fewer than twelve original songs. The music is played live by actual-size human musicians, and there’s a terrific bit with electric guitar when Ian McCaskill goes bananas and runs rampant. The songs are easy to hum and even easier to whistle. They’re already massive in Japan.

3. 80s references
Do you know your Frank Bough from your Ali Bongo? Don’t worry if you’ve never seen a single episode of Tenko or remember all the hoo-ha about the miners’ strike, we provide a handy glossary in the programme. If you remember the 80s or, like us, grew up in them, then you’re in for a treat.

4. Cheap
Buerk! The Newsical is only £10 a pop. This flat rate applies to freeloaders like students and centenarians too, since we have to eat and Tom has to fund his ever-burgeoning collection of ornamental thermometers.

5. On stage snogs and pant-flashing
Buerk! The Newsical is full of passion: it involves a love triangle between Buerk, Moira and McCaskill. Their steamy on-stage romancing will leave even the coolest of cucumbers hot and flustered. Buerk twice flashes his underwear. We feel there’s been a marked decline in trouser-dropping in musical theatre of late and aim to rectify this.