Robert Gillespie interviews

Oedipus RetoldHere are a few more links to my interviews with Robert Gillespie.

You can see the second part of my in-depth discussion with him about his career here, in which Robert talks about his life in situation comedy.

The third and final part is about his time with the RSC in the 1990s up to the founding of his company, Jane Nightwork Productions.

More recently I did a video interview with him about the play for one actor Portia he has written and directed, which starred Clare Cameron.

My First Solo Video Interview!

I’ve been busier than ever with the burgeoning theatre section of EF, so much so that I’ve had to turn down a lot of stuff on the basis that I can’t be in two or more places at once, and there are only so many hours in the week.

Thankfully, we’ve recently taken another theatre critic on board to help out. This doesn’t mean that I can sit back and relax, so much as that we can cover even more events. He’s already proving a big help!