Bromley News Shopper Buerk! interview in full

Here’s the piece about me and my show Buerk! The Newsical which appeared in the Bromley News Shopper. It’s a great feature by Sarah Trotter and originally appeared 15th April:

A SWANLEY writer is playing actor, producer and co-scriptwriter for an irreverent but “affectionate” musical charting the alternative life of veteran journalist Michael Buerk.

Buerk! The Newsical is the brainchild of Greg Jameson and Tom Bailey and was co-birthed under alcohol, “fevered imaginations”, and a deep-rooted nostalgia for the 1980s.

The pair re-imagine the BBC’s 80s news icon embroiled in a love-triangle with fellow broadcaster Moira Stewart and the fictionally-scheming weather forecaster Ian McCaskill.