Thoughts on Peter Capaldi and Doctor Who

Most people know that I am a fan of Doctor Who. Many who have come to the series through the abortion of a remake assume that it and the classic series are one in the same, and are often faintly bemused to discover that I draw a distinction between the two. I treat the remake with apathy. I’m happy to concede and live with the fact that I’m not its target audience.

But Peter Capaldi is a proper actor. So, the question has fairly been put to me from several quarters: will I tune in again when he takes over the lead role?

Great coverage for “Buerk! The Newsical”

Thanks to IndieLondon and the Bromley News Shopper for plugging my show!

I’m really pleased with these interviews.

Tickets for Buerk! The Newsical are still available for the Friday and Saturday evening – 3rd and 4th May (the bank holiday weekend). Only £10 a pop! What are you waiting for?

Come and Buerk! it with us!

Buerk! The Newsical

Tickets are on sale now for “Buerk! The Newsical”, a little number I’ve co-written and am also co-starring in at Network Theatre – a stone’s throw from the Old Vic!

Only £10 a pop, “Buerk! The Newsical” is a comedy musical about the career of TV newsreader Michael Buerk. Well, sort of… It’s a bit rude, very daft and good harmless fun! Tickets are available from Ticketsource.

The above photo, from our Leeds run in 2011, is to “whet” your proverbial “whistle”, as it were. To find out what in god’s green arse is going on, come and see the show.

Tickets For ‘Buerk! The Newsical’ On Sale Now!!

I’m delighted to announce that my co-written musical Buerk! The Newsical, a comedy look at the 1980s loosely based on the broadcasting career of Michael Buerk, is returning to the stage in London!

It will be playing at the Network Theatre (immediately next door to Waterloo Station) between 2nd and 4th May.

You can buy tickets here:

Find out more about the show at:

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Or follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

I’ll be posting a blog to keep you updated just as soon as rehearsals get underfoot in the New Year!

Buerk! Will Return…

…but not just yet. It’s like the hiatus between Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnan. Except not as long or high budget.

Yes, Buerk! The Newsical has been on hold whilst our director and my co-writer Tom Bailey made a baby and reared it. I’m sure he won’t mind me mentioning that. It’s all “above board”.

Since then we have been putting plans afoot to remount the show in London so that the capital can enjoy our take on the BBC career of newsreader Michael Buerk and his saucy love triangle with Moira Stuart and Ian McCaskill.

Pilgrimages of a Doctor Who obsessive…

I have a hobby that I share with a few friends which involves visiting locations – any and every – that were used in Doctor Who. It’s a bit odd, it’s definitely for geeks, but it’s a relatively inexpensive hobby that appeals to the obsessive side of being a fan. This can mean visiting entire villages (Aldbourne, Blists Hill), roads, stately homes, private houses, landmarks (St. Paul’s Cathedral, The Hayward Gallery, The Post Office Tower) and even fields, lakes and quarries!

Roger Moore

I was delighted to meet Roger Moore last night at Network’s event to mark the 40th anniversary of The Persuaders! and its release on DVD and Blu-ray.

For such a huge star, Roger Moore is a wonderfully warm, charming and self-deprecating man. He asked everybody their name, shook hands and posed for photographs. Interviewed by Barry Norman, he claimed the secret of his success is that he’s been very lucky.

He’s an inspirational figure, and a valid lesson to the prima donnas in the entertainment industry who refuse to talk about their early successes. He’s also impeccably well-mannered and charming. It was a real honour to meet him.