The Complete Menagerie (Almost) – New podcast!


Greg, Tom and Sam are “The Complete Menagerie (Almost)”.

You may think I’ve been quiet of late, BUT NO!

Exciting things have been “afoot”. I have been recording a brand new podcast with my tall chums Tom Bailey and Samuel Payne (we have a combined height of in excess of eighteen feet). You may accurately describe us as “The Complete Menagerie (Almost)”.

We’re gassing about Doctor Who, though not the remake, we’re only interested in the proper series. Though, of course, with three cultured intellectuals such as me, Sam and Tom in the same room, and with the booze flowing, we end up talking about all manner of crazy shit, from Roger Moore’s finest performances to where Alan Bennett’s An Englishman Abroad was filmed to Sam’s driving test on the island of Jersey.

Irreverent twaddle it may be, but you may find it amusing. Check out our trailer, and if you like the sound of that, come back for Episode One, which launches tomorrow…